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Mystical Kipper Deck by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter  

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Mystical Kipper deck by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter

The German system of fortune telling, which dates back over 100 years, has been given a vibrant new look with artwork by Urban Trösch, using an elaborate technique. Trösch painted the pictures on small wooden plates that were primed with chalk. This was followed by the multi-layered application of egg tempura colors. The result is a work of art with great luminous power. What distinguishes the 36-card Kipper deck from Lenormand decks is the preponderance of cards depicting people. When the cards are laid out, we see many faces looking back at us, making this an ideal deck for questions concerning personal relationships. Key words on the cards and an informative 52-page booklet make the Mystical Kipper method easy to learn.


The Lunar Nomad Oracle : 43 Cards to Unlock Your Creativity and Awaken Your Intuition by Shaheen Miro  

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The Lunar Nomad Oracle by Shaheen Miro

The Lunar Nomad Oracle is dynamic card deck and book that enables users to explore their inner depths, looking for clues and prompts to activate their lunar side their creative, intuitive, feminine nature. The Lunar Nomad Oracle is inspired by the traditional Lenormand system, but unlike the Lenormand, this deck comprises 43 cards that are rich with multiple layers, colors, and imagery, all designed to speak to the intuitive self, what the author calls the Lunar Side.

The symbolism of the cards help the user formulate a story or reading, familiar to followers of Tarot, but because the Lunar Nomad Oracle does not have suits or a linear structure, it gives the reader the freedom and fluidity to really explore the deck and add their own intuitive insights and interpretation for greater clarity and meaning. The book provides a brief introduction to Lenormand cards, instructions for how to use the oracle, interpretations for reading each of the 43 cards, and clear guidance for reading them in a simple 3 card layout as well as the more in depth 9 card layouts.The Lunar Nomad Oracle is designed to awaken your sense of power, deepen your sense of wonder and pull you into touch with your creative, powerful self.


Pixie's Astounding Lenormand by Edmund Zebrowski  

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Pixies Astounding Lenormand by Edmund Zebrowski

Lovingly created with artwork from the Smith-Waite Tarot deck and "The Golden Vanity," this charming 36-card petit Lenormand deck pays tribute to Pamela Colman Smith. The 132-page booklet includes keywords and expanded meanings for Love and Career issues. This unique Lenormand deck comes in an adorable tin.


Gilded Reverie Lenormand Deck by Ciro Marchetti  

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Gilded Reverie Lenormand Deck by Ciro Marchetti

Gilded Reverie Lenormand showcases the digital talents of Ciro Marchetti with captivating imagery on 47 gilt-edge cards.This Expanded Edition deck features eight special supplemental cards, including four that have not been previously published. The extra cards are: Time, Bridges, Dice, Mask, Well, Compass, Labyrinth, and Magnifying Glass. For this deck Ciro also provides an extra Man, Lady, and Owl card to enhance Lenormand readings.The 80-page guidebook provides expert instruction by Lee Bursten, Donnaleigh de LaRose and others for reading with this 47-card deck.

Because Lenormand meanings are so literal, they often hit their mark in a way that can be quite eerie. This leads many people to call the cards a fortune telling deck. The deck is used to predict what will happen in a given day, how a relationship will turn out, whether you will get a job, how events will unfold, and so on. If there is an area of your life you would like to know about or some gossip you are would like to hear, Lenormand cards can fill you in on all the details. But be warned that they can also reveal secrets you might like to keep hidden!


Dreaming Way Lenormand by Kwon Shina and Lynn Araujo  

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Dreaming Way Lenormand by Kwon Shina and Lynn Araujo

Winner of the American Tarot Association award for Best Lenormand Deck

This charming 36-card Petit Lenormand deck offers fresh, new perspectives for this traditional system of fortune telling. Contemporary Korean artist Kwon Shina’s imaginative style of artwork provides the reader with clever visual cues that capture the mood, nuances, and inner meanings of the cards. When you look at the Dog card, you will know in an instant this card portrays loyal friendship, not a threat. If you are learning Lenormand for the first time, this is a delightful deck to learn the core meanings. If you are already familiar with the Lenormand system, Kwon’s dreamy images will inspire you to look at Lenormand in a whole new way. The 92-page booklet offers keywords, quotations and interpretations that help the reader understand the lively narrative interplay between the 36 cards. Dreaming Way Lenormand will allow you to do insightful readings that bring clarity to any situation, whether you are working with pairs of cards, the Grand Tableau or one of the starter spreads suggested in the instructions.


Titania's Fortune Cards : 36 fortune cards by Titania Hardie  

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Titania's Fortune Cards by Titania Hardie

Let Titania guide you through Madame Lenormand's simple technique of fortune telling. These cards offer a contemporary twist on an older wisdom to reflect our modern lives. Thirty six striking cards, combined with a book on layout and detailed interpretation, mean that taking a glimpse at your past, present and future has never been so easy.

Whether you've a history or interest in matters of mind, body and spirit or are completely new to the world of magic and divination, Titania's Fortune Cards pave the way for a fresh look at the spiritual world, and your place within it. What you learn from them is sure to fascinate you.


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