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Bloodstone is great for… perseverance

Bloodstone has always had a powerful connection with maintaining vitality.

SELF-UNDERSTANDING: You are a magical being – an amalgam of your individuality, your family and your environment. Let go of the past. Look closely at your ancestral line. Recognise toxic patterns subconsciously running your life. Break away and be strong.

DIVINATION: Detoxification and chaos precede transmutation. Perseverance is needed. Locked doors open, obstacles are swept away and romance blossoms. Preserve your good reputation. Recognise your enemies and keep them close – do not be deceived.

HEALING INSIGHT: Nourish your blood and you revitalise your whole body.
CHAKRA: Purifies and aligns lower chakras
TIMING: Aries, Libra, Pisces
SOUL PATH: Freedom from the past

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